Uploading images

ALLYOU takes care of resizing your pictures for various contexts. That means you can also upload rather large images, if you have enough disc space. But if you're using the free ALLYOU Aluminum you should be careful about the right size. 50MB fill up fast if the files you're uploading are to big. Better make sure your images are all web-optimized:

A resolution of 72 dpi, 2000/2200 pixels width or hight or a file of about 700 kilobytes is perfect. Most image-editors like Photoshop have a "save for web" option, which will conveniently save your pictures in the right resolution and size. For JPG we recommend saving it in sRGB.


  • To upload your images, you first need to create an album element.


  • Now doubleclick onto the placeholder of the album and open "images". Select the files from your computer and click "upload".


  • Please use JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF images without any special characters in filenames.
  • Note: Your pictures will be converted into jpeg format, exept GIF.




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