Mobile / Smartphone View

If you subscribed to the Carbon or Titanium price plan, you have the possibility to create a customized version of your site for smartphones. This makes it easier for people to navigate and to browse your site on a smaller screen. 

  1. Go to "Website Customizations" and choose “Mobile View”.  


  • Now you can create your mobile view by customizing your fonts and choosing your album options.
  • Instead of text you can upload your logo to the header. Recommended width for most smartphones is 1140px (we recommend a height of about 500px).
  • If you want to activate your customized mobile view set the cursor to “on”.
  • Check the look of your customized mobile view on your own smartphone or use a mobile simulator.
  • NOTE: The feature is optimized for IOS and Android systems.

Video Tutorial:

Mobile View – Allyou Tutorial from ALLYOU.





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