Pages & Lists

Your ALLYOU site consits of pages. A page is a content element that you can fill with text, albums or embedded content. It’s up to your creatvity!


  • Click the button "+Page" in the top bar to create a new page. When you choose "main navigation", your new page will appear as a new point in the navigation and you are now ready to edit its content.

  • You can also add several pages to a navigation list. A navigation list creates an overview with thumbnail previews for your pages. When creating a new page you can choose a navigation list from the drop-down menu or add a „new list“ which will create a new point in the navigation.

It is also possible to add a page to more than one navigation list, which helps you to organize your projects into categories. Double click on the list in the navigation and choose "Options". Now you can select or deselect your pages.

  • You can also integrate an external site, like a blog or online shop. Click on the navigation point of your page and choose "external". Now insert the link to the site you would like to embed.

NOTE: Your ALLYOU site is secured via the HTTPS standart. Many web browsers like Firefox or Chrome are already using a security feature that does not allow to embed iframes from "non-HTTPS" sites. That's the reason why some external pages cannot be integrated to your ALLYOU site.




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