Pages & Page Overviews

Your ALLYOU page consists of pages. A page is a vessel that you can fill with texts, albums or multimedia content. There are no limits to your creativity!

• Click on the Page Organizer in the menu bar to create a new page. If you click on "+ Page", a new menu item will be created in your navigation.

• You can also combine several pages into a Page Overview. Instead of individual menu items, your pages are then displayed in an overview with thumbnails. In the Page Organizer, create a new page overview with "+ Page Overview", which will be displayed in your list as an empty folder. Then click on "+ Page", give your page a name and select a page overview in the appearing pull-down menu , which appears under "put directly in ...".

• You can also link external pages, e.g. integrate a blog or shop by including the page as an "external page".

NOTE: ALLYOU sites use the HTTPS security standard and external sites that you want to include that too. Otherwise they will not be displayed by some browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

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